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Want to share your brand with millions of potential customers, for free? Collaber is changing the game for small business. We'll show you how to turn your products into prizes, for major media competitions in exchange for HUGE exposure to your ideal customer.

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Sweet Magazine are offering $8,100 in media exposure for just 20 prizes

Studio 10 are offering $10,000 in media exposure for just 60 prizes

Sea FM 91.9 are offering $3,000 in media exposure for just 5 prizes

KIIS are offering $2,750 in media exposure for just 10 prizes

Marie Claire are offering $60,000 in media exposure for just 175 prizes

How It Works

Get your brand on morning TV, broadcast on FM radio, or featured in a major magazine. Just by swapping your products for epic media exposure.

Media competitions are hands down the best way to supercharge customer engagement levels and get your brand in front of thousands (maybe MILLIONS) of new customers.

We've seen member revenues jump 400%. Facebook fans double... then TRIPLE and online conversions skyrocket…

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Tell everyone about your media partner and we’ll send you the clipping when the competition is live!

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$227 p/m
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Three month marketing strategy
  • Unlimited competitions with major media
  • $3k-$5k media exposure
  • No contracts
  • Copywriting for all pitches
  • Influencer marketing campaign
$347 p/m
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Three month marketing strategy
  • Unlimited competitions with major media
  • $5k-$10k media exposure
  • No contracts
  • Copywriting for all pitches
  • Influencer marketing campaign

Join over 1,000 Small Businesses Sharing Over 10 Million In Media Exposure

"Prize Pig has been a huge success story for us, in 2 months we successfully pitched for and won over $14,000 in media exposure."

Kate Boadu Jimmy Halfpenny

"Before I found Prize Pig it used to feel almost impossible for me to get my brand out there without spending huge amounts of money"

Angelica Nohra Sensi Wines

"With Prize Pig it's so easy for me to find customers in my target market "

Lisa Munroe Happy Tummies

"A fabulous way to get our product out to a wide range of potential customers. We got on the Kyle & Jackie O Show, being in start-up, how do you do that otherwise? "

Sasha Roberts Aussie Bronze

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Jackee Decampo Milkman Australia

"I highly, highly, highly recommend Prize Pig to everyone, every start-up and every small business"

Rachita Saini SuperHeroes

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Media outlets like radio stations, magazines and websites all run competitions and need great prizes to reward their audience. Prize Pig is the exclusive platform for them to source these prizes from Australian businesses like yours. All you need to do is offer them prizes for their competitions and in exchange they'll give you major exposure.

Great question! Each competition offers different things to you. Some are on air mentions on the radio, some are Facebook competitions that get you likes, and some are major TV spots with epic brand awareness. We work out the ROI based on the value that the media outlet gives us. If you give away a prize valued at $50 and they offer you $5,000 in media exposure, that's an ROI of 50:1. This is the highest of any average return for any marketing activity.

It's up to you. Each competition is different, some would like a prize valued at $50, and others would like $5,000. It depends on the exposure they're offering. 40% of our competitions need less than $500 in prizes, so there's plenty of opportunities if you don't want to commit to lots of stock but still get big media exposure.

The results depend on the competition you select to be featured in. Prize Pig is a brand awareness platform, so your sales will increase over time. Our members have had their websites crash, their revenue boost by 400%, their Facebook fans double, and their online conversions improve. We've had brands being contacted by competitors asking them how they can afford so much media exposure, and business owners impressing their friends and family who see their business featured in their favourite media. The results are as varied as the opportunities!

Prize Pig is completely free for brands and media. We do have a managed account option for busy bee's who don't have time, this is our Porker level for $347 p/m. But, it only takes twenty minutes a week to get epic results!