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by Administrator 16 Jul 2015




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Episode 1: Be Wow! We chat with Aurora and Lysia from the Entourage's Wow Team on how you can wow competition winners and convert them to customers, how to create a wow sequence for your business and seducing media and stakeholders to engage with your brand. Beginning with a BANG! 

Episode 2: We chat with the creative brain, Lucinda Lions about slogans and tag lines. How you can write your own, why you need one, and how you can use it to grow your business.

Episode 3:  Collaborate!! We chat with Jess from Collabosaurus about strategic partnerships and how to use them to grow your business on a budget. Check out the website collabosaurus.com/ for your free trial.

Episode 4: We chat with Catherine Langman about her kick-ass success coaching business for productpreneurs - here's some quick tips on how you can build a brilliant foundation with email marketing. Check out http://catherinelangman.com/magnetic-websites-masterclass-registration 

Episode 5: Are you trying to boost your brand? We found out that the best way to make an awesome business is to learn what other awesome business are doing. So, we decided to talk to Jackee Decampo, who’s business Milkman Australia, has grown exponentially - This is GOLD!

Episode 6: Let's make your money work for you. Here's some brill tips to help you to stop burying your head in the sand and make it rain with Miss Moneypenny. 

Episode 7: Making legals sexy! Three things you need to know for your small business to cover your ass and make your branding even better with Stacey Smith from Vivid Legal. 

Episode 8: Love Your Tribe! In the first Pigcast of 2016 we talk community love with Francesca Moi. Want to create a love fest online of people raving about you? This MeetUp Queen will tell you how!

Episode 9: We Collective: Chicks are focussed on building the tribe & sharing the good vibes whilst creating a SOLID community of KICKASS women! Get the dirt on how these three TOP chicks have launched the only skills sharing platform for Women Entrepreneurs! 

Episode 10: Laura at the Brand Plan makes Facebook simples. Navigating social media engagement and advertising is something we try and do ourselves - but it pays to help help from the professionals. Listen to the amazing tips from Laura on how to get your brand social savvy.  

Episode 11: Want to get shock jocks and AM talkback raving about your business? Ever thought about accessing Community radio? Radio industry powerhouse, Melanie Withnall dishes on the media hacks to get your brand on the air.

Episode 12:Join Jules from Handle Your Own PR as we chat about her MINDBLOWING new DIY platform, plus tips on leveraging PR, how to get easy PR, and insider tips for all small business. handleyourownpr.com.au / www.handleyourownpr.com.au/hyopr-accelerator/ 



Integration Opportunity: Want to reach small business owners each week on a fun pig platform? We're looking for a Pigcast sponsor for the show. Email [email protected] for the details. 

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